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Up to now we have published 16267 pictures of our world travel grouped by countries:

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During our journey we publish regularly new pictures from abroad. Almost every day we add new photographs to the site. By this interested people all over the world can take part of our journey virtually. At last we have published photographs from South Africa.

At the beginning of our journey we often hesitated to push the release the shutter. The more we went away from our own cultural area the more we lost this timidity. Overwhelming landscapes and monuments impressed us but the simple every day life of the people fascinated us even more. Our attention was bound to the work of the grown-ups, the happiness of the children and ritual ceremonies. The own cultural environment which many people take for granted for us as foreigners was a big mystery. In our photographs we try to show all these impressions to interested people.

The large number of our photographs demands their effective categorization. After grouping them by countries there is still a vast number of pictures to see which we try to categorize with other criteria. To get a more specified selection of pictures you can choose among different regions and subjects. There are 277 subjects, grouped alphabetically or by commonalities to allow to constrain the selection of pictures according to the focus of interest. Photos can be as well selected by their numbers.

You get a glimpse of our experiences by selecting twenty random pictures from the whole journey or the pictures favoured by visitors of our website and the recently viewed photographs. Our last publications are another point of entry.


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