The Decision

It happened 2001 during a walk along the Rautenstrauchkanal in Lindenthal, Cologne. While discussing about the life itself we changed the subject to our dreams of life. In a moment we saw it very clearly that if we don't realize our wishes now in the future we probably would not get another chance to do it. - A travel around the world. - When we will be old we maybe will not like to go abroad any more or we will suffer from illnesses. The decision was taken, we had to travel now or never.

Anxious times of planning and preparations for the journey began. Worries started to haunt us. Will we do everything right? Will we choose the right equipment? Will we chose the right way? What happens if we will be involved in an accident on the way? How dangerous are the people in all those foreign countries? Will we meet robbers on the way or even our own killers?