How the Idea was Born

Already in our childhood we both dreamt about travelling to remote countries. As youths we began independent from each other to explore the world. While studying Roland discovered bicycle travelling. After we met each other we did the first short trips together in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Then our excursions became longer and the targets more distant.

The travelling fever got us. We visited Norway, Fuerteventura and Majorca. We went to Scotland and Iceland. Latest with our tour around Rajasthan our desire to travel outside of Europe became a steady companion.

Already our short trips found a lot of recognition from curious friends. Our travel reports in the web have been popular so it was just apparent to document our travel online. Because of the travel duration we knew we will have to do it from the road.

What was still missing, was a goal for our travel. Just travel and write about it wasn't enough. We expected to be able to change positively the view of the world with our reports and bring the global village closer together. With this aim Impetus In Mundum was born.

Impetus In Mundum (lat.momentum into the world) is the motto of our journey through the global village. Full of verve we like to conquer the world and put a durable accent on the global community by our projects.

By our travel documentation we intent to show the life of the people, their culture and their attitudes in the visited countries. By this we will complete other reports that concentrate on sensations, catastrophes and tourist destinations. By our work we want to contribute to a better understanding of the people of these countries.

Our digital logbook that is updated regularly during our journey allows to every interested person to take part of our experiences. This continuousness of impressions and informations could lead to a spiritual and emotional growth and deepen the mind.