Country Notes

Germany  Germany

We started our journey around the world in Germany during the winter. We crossed several mountainous landscapes. It was a good exercise for the mind, the still weak muscules and the regulation of the body temperature.

We travelled through Germany in March 2004 and published 179 pictures and 16 reports from this country.


Czechia  Czechia

Czechia gains its charm by its plenty of old and magic forests. Some treasures of Czechia are shining all over the land, Karlove Vary and the "Eternal Prague". Here the people like to eat solid food such as dumplings, cabbage and roasted meat. As in Germany the national drink of the Czechs is beer. And concerning the quality it defies the German beer.

We have visited Czechia in March, April 2004 and published 157 pictures and 7 reports from this country.


Austria  Austria

We crossed Austria over its plains in the East. The Lake Neusiedler reminded me in a way of some places at the German coast in the North. Apart of this the country is covered by endless green fields. In the middle of them you find small villages and towns which are very neat and orderly.

We have visited Austria in April 2004 and published 13 pictures and 2 reports from this country.


Slovakia  Slovakia

In Slovakia we especially visited Bratislava. It is a sleepy town with an artistic charm. There are a lot of theaters, museums and a beautiful, old opera. In the inner city stylish sculptures mix with the pedestrians which you don't recognize as artist work until you reach very near.

We have visited Slovakia in April 2004 and published 13 pictures and one report from this country.


Hungary  Hungary

The spring is the right season to visit Hungary. Then the tulips and narzisses florish in the gardens in front of the neat houses. The inhabitants like to drink their local wine and they go by bicycle everywhere, even to the church on Sunday wearing fine clothes.

We have visited Hungary in April 2004 and published 55 pictures and 3 reports from this country.


Croatia  Croatia

Croatia impresses by its beautiful and diverse landscape. There is the Dalmatian coast with its islands, the lakes of Plitvice with its plenty of waterfalls and the inundation land of the Sava. Along the coastline you find a lot of historially interesting places from the very small villages up to the biggest towns as Split and Dubrovnik. But crossing the inner country you will be aware of many signposts that warn from mines. In some areas house ruins remind you of the former war, too.

We have visited Croatia from April to May 2004 and published 232 pictures and 9 reports from this country.


Bosnia and Hercegovina  Bosnia and Hercegovina

In Bosnia we especially went along the river Una. The wild current full of cataracts flews through a green mountainous landscape. Bosnia and Herzegovina is mainly a moslemic country. Still today after the war long time ago a lot of people of different origin and religion continue to live in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a friendly way.

We have visited Bosnia in April 2004 and published 18 pictures and one report from this country.

Bosnia and Hercegovina

Italy  Italy

Italy is a food paradise. But every day from one to five o'clock it could be exactly the opposite if you did not take any precautions. Then nearly all restaurants and shops are closed because of the heat. The South of Italy has beautiful beaches. On top of the Sicilian mountains the old towns full of romantic charm look like illuminated crowns. A carpet of green covers the whole island.

We have visited Italy from May to July 2004 and published 633 pictures and 9 reports from this country.


Tunisia  Tunisia

Beside the mass tourism at the beaches a large area of the country is part of the big white desert. Some stage directors found Tunisan landscapes nice as movie scences. Salt plains and date plantations of several kilometers cover the South of the country. On the other hand the mountainous North of Tunisia seasonly is covered by green. And the amphitheater of Carthago today is a cultural meeting point that attracts many artists from all over the world.

We have visited Tunisia from July to November 2004 and published 741 pictures and 33 reports from this country.


Mediterranean Sea  Mediterranean Sea

Life on a cargo ship consists mainly of exercises, meals and the daily workings. Everyone is happy about some changes. We experienced our transfer from Tunis to Haifa as a short cruise.

We have crossed the Mediteranean in November 2004, in December and in January 2005 and published 80 pictures and one report from this country.

Mediterranean Sea

Israel  Israel

Controls at the border, controls at the shopping malls and the banks, this is life in Israel. The standard of life is similar to Europe. Here you find a lot of traces of christianity, the lake Genezareth, the Jordan river and Nazareth. But Israel is not a unified country. As a religion based nation it enforces the separation between people of different belief, mainly Arabs and Jews, who suffer by this in their everyday life.

We have visited in November, December 2004 and published 145 pictures and 11 reports from this country.


Palestine  Palestine

Palestine is rich in places of religion and historical value. Because of the political problems in the country the tourism has decreased drastically the last years. Today ugly walls surround and separate places of common interest such as Bethlehem or Jerusalem. By a lot of regulations and the perpetual presence of Israeli soldiers in the roads Palestinans are troubled in there daily life.

We have visited Palestine in November, December 2004 and published 313 pictures and 14 reports from this country.


Cyprus  Cyprus

A mild climate and beautiful mountains are the characteristics of Cyprus. It is the island of oranges, citrons, where the fruits are regarded not only as good food but also as nice decoration of streets and gardens. But for decades of years the country is divided into the rich and busy South and the neglected North.

We have visited Cyprus in December 2004 and in January 2005 and published 218 pictures and 5 reports from this country.


Turkey  Turkey

According to its size Turkey offers a lot of different landscapes, the bizarrely formed tuff rocks of Kappadokkia, the Mediterranean coast with its mild climate and the Anatolian highlands. The mentality of the Turks is similar partly to Germans partly to Arabs. Often you see elegant people in the towns, that's because Turkey is a paradise for clothes shopping.

We have visited Turkey in January, February 2005 and published 82 pictures and 3 reports from this country.


Syria  Syria

By our experience the Syrians are one of the most hospitable people of the world. In the towns, on the countryside everywhere you get nice invitations to drink tea. In the Baida, the Syrian desert the people still live in their traditional way as beduins. Syria has a tradition of 7000 years of history. Remnants of earlier milleniums you find in Palmyra, Bosra and Damascus. In the capital the former houses of merchants today are among the most beautiful cafes and restaurants in the world.

We have visited Syria in February, March 2005 and published 417 pictures and 17 reports from this country.


Jordan  Jordan

Jordan fascinates especially by its natural highlights: the Dead Sea, the mountains along the Wadi Araba and the pink desert of Wadi Rum. But Petra, the stone carved Nabataen town gives a matchless impression. Beside you can follow many traces of the old testament in Jordan. By this a lot of tourists visit the country which population mainly consists of some native Haschemits and a lot of Palestinians. Some Egyptians come here for work.

We have visited Jordan in March, April 2005 and published 582 pictures and 22 reports from this country.


Egypt  Egypt

Desert covers most of the dry and hot country which is traversed by one abundant green strip of some kilometers width formed by Nile. In this area Egyptian kingdoms started to grow 5000 years ago. Until today a lot of antique artefacts have kept their shape astonishly well. Although repeated terroristic attacks the country is still flooded by culture and leisure tourists. The habits of the visitors often do not match with the radical islamic perception of several locals.

We have visited Egypt from May to August 2005 and published 651 pictures and 29 reports from this country.


Sudan  Sudan

Half of Sudan is part of the desert. It is plain, of endless view and sandy. In the South the country is green. According to its size Sudan is a multinational country. There are different black races, Arabs, Nubians and single white people. The Sudanese are very hospital and friendly to foreigners but among themselves they have a lot of difficulties.

We have visited Sudan in August, September 2005 and published 419 pictures and 29 reports from this country.


Ethiopia  Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country of contrasts. Here you find poverty and starvation in a natural abundance. It has an unique tradition of music and dance. The coptic church organizes spectacular ceremonies several times a year. Ethiopians mentality is light heartedness and very similar to this of children. Many aid organizations try to support the country.

We have visited Ethiopia from September 2005 to July 2006 with a break of two months in December and January and published 1899 pictures and 68 reports from this country.


Djibouti  Djibouti

Djibouti is one of the hottest places in the world. It is formed by volcanic activity of the East African Rift Valley. A large number of the people living here are from the Afar tribe. Still today many of them live in traditional way as nomads. In the capital stay a lot of people who immigrated from Somalia and Arab countries. Even some white people live here, especially French. Every day there are some new ships that come from all over the world to the port of this small country.

We have visited in December 2005 and in January, February 2006 and published 254 pictures and 6 reports from this country.


Yemen  Yemen

The Yemenite culture is singulary in the world. The here practised architecture has a very long tradition. The terrasses cultivation in rough mountainous areas can not be that easily adapted. The Arabian markets, the view and the clothes of the people seem as a dream of Thousand and One Nights. Not by chance Yemen is known in the world under the name of Arabia Felix.

We have visited Yemen in December 2005 and in January 2006 and published 673 pictures and 16 reports from this country.


Red Sea  Red Sea

Pakistani have built dhaus of above 30 meters go more or less regulary between Djibouti and Mokha. They transport cattle from Ethiopia into the Arab countries and return loaden with mixed merchandise to the port of Djibouti. By the way they take passengers, too.

We crossed the Red Sea in Mai, December 2005 and January 2006 and published 25 pictures and one report from this country.

Red Sea

Kenya  Kenya

Colorful tribes and an exotic fauna are the main characteristics of Kenya. Beside there are extremly different landscapes as semi desert and white beaches along of mountain areas looking like taken out of Central Europe. At the coast and in the capital the Arab-Asian influence in the cultural and economic life of the country is very strong still today.

We have visited Kenya from July to November 2006 with a break of three weeks in October. and published 1058 pictures and 37 reports from this country.


Indian Ocean  Indian Ocean

There are no passenger ships between Mombasa and Zanzibar but cargo ships circulate regularly in this area. A dhau built in Singapore arrives weekly at the legendary island. The crew members are mainly moslemic. We experienced the crossing in the month of Ramadan.

We have crossed the Indian Ozean in October 2006 and published 27 pictures and 3 reports from this country.

Indian Ocean

Tanzania  Tanzania

The administrative junction of Tanganika and Zanzibar did not provoke any significant mixture of the people nor their cultures. Zanzibar remained the island of moslemic Arabs while numerically black people dominate the continent. The most impressive part of Tanzania is maybe its rich and diverse wildlife. Numerous national parks cover the whole country, but the North attracts most of its visitors although its high and steadily increasing prices.

We have visited East Tanzania in October 2006 and West Tanzania in March, April 2007 and published 745 pictures and 23 reports from this country.


Uganda  Uganda

Uganda the pearl of Africa got this name because of its extremly multifaceted and exuberant nature. Real famine was never there in this country. To have food is taken for granted by everyone. On these basics it is not surprising that today Uganda notes down the highest economic growth in all Africa.

We have visited Uganda from November 2006 to March 2007 and published 692 pictures and 20 reports from this country.


Rwanda  Rwanda

Rwanda one of the smallest countries in Africa has widely solved the problem of corruption opposite to many other countries of the continent. A lot of things are different in Rwanda, the European like roads, the disciplined way of driving and the somewhat formal friendliness of the people.

We have visited Rwanda in March 2007 and published 204 pictures and 9 reports from this country.


Zambia  Zambia

Although situated near the equator the climat of the country is very peasent and not too hot. The forests of the highlands which are similar to South European vegetation the same as the few population are inviting for visitors to put on the tent somewhere. In the North of Zambia the people on the countryside value nice living environnement. Their houses often are nicely decorated by ornaments, plants and flowers.

We have visited Zambia in April, May and June 2007 and published 893 pictures and 23 reports from this country.


Botswana  Botswana

Opposite to many other African countries Botswana still has a lot of animals. But also here the construction of new roads and the growing of new cattle farms push them back to a steadily decreasing space to live. Soon wild animals will even here not be seen except inside the borders of the nationalparks.

We have visited Botswana from July to October 2007 and published 650 pictures and 18 reports from this country.


Namibia  Namibia

Today 2/3 of the Caprivi a former German colony is a nationalpark, which is known for its high density of elephants. Nowadays the bush people live there, in the remote North of Namibia. But they have not kept their traditional way of living as hunter and collector.

We have visited Namibia in July and from Oktober to December 2007 and published 1104 pictures and 14 reports from this country.


South Africa  South Africa

South Africa captivates by its beautiful and varied landscapes. The diversity of the nature also is seen in its population. Blacks, whites, coloreds,bush people and Asians live in the country. But the humans of differend races avoid each other. They largely back out off.

We have visited South Africa from December 2008 to February 2009 and published 608 pictures and no reports from this country.

South Africa