Expenses of the Travel

Travelling is expensive in different ways. There is a difference between visiting Spain for four weeks and travelling for years. When travelling on holidays you must cover your travel expenses and pay rent at home. On the other hand if you are employed you are getting your salary paid without interruption. During a long term journey rent of a stay in your home country get discontinued but as well your salary or other income get interrupted.

Visa fees and in many countries entry and departure fees will take a remarkable part of the travel expenses. Lodging is more or less expensive depending on the country. You can't avoid hotel expenses as you will need a longer rest from time to time. You will need to be by your own in order to let your brain process the bunch of experiences that you got on the way. The care and maintenance of the equipment or as in our case writing and publishing the travel documentation creates demands for a shelter with some quality aspects. It is impossible to do all that in a tent.

Motorized vehicles consume fuel during a travel. Cyclists take their energy for locomotion from nourishment. Usually they need two to three times more food than people following average activities. The consumption of lemonades, beer, pasta, vegetables and other food increases significantly. In the suburban Italian markets people were surprised by our loaded shopping cart and even more by the way how we packed all the purchases on our bicycles. In Bohemia, the area of substantial dumplings, cabbage and roasted meat we found until now the only restaurant where single portions had been large enough for the hunger of a bicycle traveller. Considering the supplementary costs of food a cyclist spend much more money related to the travelled distance compared to travellers using motorised vehicles.

But the most expensive part of our travel is the lack of income. We are financing it from our savings. Where others afford a house or a car we spend our money for the world travel. Our sponsors have helped us with some parts of our equipment such as tyres, clothes and some other parts. These contributions only present a small part of the whole equipment. Most of it we have bought by ourselves. Some of it several years back and we used it already on our short trips.


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