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For us our travel documentation is a ribbon that connect us with our home country during the whole time of absence. By this we hold contact to our families and friends. Additionally everybody on the world who dispose of an internet connection is able to follow our journey in his mind by our writings and pictures.

Simultaneously we intend to set a counterweight to the usual reports in the media. There you mostly find informations about foreign countries in case of political troubles, at time of elections or natural catastrophes. Summarizing you mainly get sensation messages that often enough circulate only terror and fear. There is no way to learn about the everyday life of people. You generally don't hear anything about it. With our documentation we want to close this gap at least a bit. We try to reflect the traditions, the way of living, the wishes and life perceptions of the people who inhabit the places we visit. By this we intend to contribute to the mutual international understanding of the cultures and customs.

Wherever we go, we always carry the camera with us, It doesn't matter if we just go shopping or are invited to a family celebration. we always have on mind which pictures would show best the life at the place we visit to people in other parts of the world. While dancing, laughing and embracing we engrave everything experienced in our mind. We note curiosities, traditions and different views of life. Furthermore we try to capture things that are known at other places but often misunderstood because frequently presented in a wrong context.

The other way round we explain to the people we meet the life in Germany and the Western Europe. People are unaware about it in the majority of places on other continents. Most of the people take Europe and USA for places of wealth, joy and easy life. A lot of them believe in the image of European countries out of the films they know. They can't imagine that there are problems of competition, unemployment and poverty as well. Even less they can understand problems like loneliness, abandonment and emotional conflicts.


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