Pictures by Regions and Places

Some places and regions of the world exert fascination and magic on many people of our European cultural area. Legendary towns as Damascus and Jericho, places of biblical occurrences as Jerusalem, the lake Genezareth or areas storied by big events. Some mystic places which we have discovered never found their way into the minds of the people. The world holds a fascinating diversity and beauty which open up not until you go by yourself to see it.

For not everybody can fulfil his desire to explore other countries and cultures we want to give a glimpse of some special areas of our journey. Places which we regard worth to see and to visit and sometimes hold an originality which causes surprises in our country.



Czechia Karlovy Vary
- Bohemian spa with beautiful art nouveau buildings

Czechia Prague
- the golden town

Croatia Split
- 1700 years old town in Dalmatia

Croatia Dubrovnik
- pearl of the Adriatic Sea

Italy Palermo
- impressive architecture and the tranquillity of Sicily


Israel Palestine Jerusalem
- forgathering of world religions in Palestine and Israel

Syria Palmyra
- ancient Syrian oasis at the silk road

Syria Damascus
- one of the oldest towns in the world

Jordan Petra
- Nabatean town carved in colourful rocks

Yemen Taiz
- over 1000m altitude differences within the town

Yemen Sana′a
- capital of Arabia Felix - “Happy Arabia”

Yemen Marib
- capital of the legendary Sabatean empire


Egypt Cairo
- biggest town of the Arabian world

Egypt Gizeh
- the ancient pyramides

Egypt Luxor
- tombs and temples

Sudan Wadi Halfa
- forgotten town in North of Sudan

Sudan Khartoum
- 60 universities

Ethiopia Addis Abeba
- the “New Flower” of Ethiopia

Ethiopia Harar
- Moslem town in a Christian country

Djibouti Djibouti-Ville
- one of the hottest towns in the world

Ethiopia Shashemene
- the Ethiopian centre of the Rastafarian movement

Ethiopia Omorate
- the cradle of humans in South Ethiopia

Kenya Lodwar
- urban centre of the Turkana region

Kenya Lokori
- in the heart of the Turkana area

Kenya Nairobi
- town with vibrant life

Kenya Mombasa
- mixture of Asian and African cultures

Uganda Kampala
- the biggest “mud hole” of Africa



Croatia Slavonia
- land between two rivers

Croatia Dalmatia
- islands and a picturesque coastline

Italy Calabria
- the tip of the Italian boot

Italy Sicily
- Could one wish any more?


Turkey Cappadocia
- caved tuff rocks

Jordan Wadi Rum
- red desert with steep rugged rocks

Egypt Sinai
- the 'Golden Calf' and desolate desert landscape


Djibouti Lake Assal
- salt lake in the African Rift Valley

Ethiopia Konso
- women carrying heavy loads

Ethiopia Hamer
- men in short skirts decorated with feathers

Kenya Lake Turkana
- one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa

Kenya Turkana
- vivid traditions in the North of Kenya

Kenya Mombassa Beach
- Hakuna Matata - No Problem!

Tanzania Zanzibar
- breath of past glory

Tanzania Tarangire
- elephants, elephants and more elephants

Tanzania Ngorongoro
- open lion's den

Tanzania Lake Natron
- large flamingo breeding place

Tanzania Lake Tanganjika
- largest African Rift Valley lake