Some Problems on a Bicycle Travel

Most problems connected by unaware people with bicycle travels do not really exist. The same applies often to bicycle travellers which take the challenge to the next level. At the end all travel problems get reduced to stilling of hunger and keeping warm.

Before the departure anxiety get a grip of you and a lot of uneasy feelings concerning the travel haunt you. Will I find a job afterwards? Would my friends know me when I return after years or will I be all alone? What happens if I will be involved in an accident on the way? How dangerous are the people in all those foreign countries? Will I meet robbers on the way or even my killers?

Those concerns mostly are spawned by the fear of the unknown and the unwillingness to give up ones well loved habits. We, too, had such emotional problems before we began our travel. Not so surprisingly most of them vanished shortly thereupon. We forgot about them. Quickly we got used that an immediate solution exists for everything nearly everywhere and any time. In most cases local people are gladly helping. Mostly you are not alone out there. If you get into unclear or dangerous situations on the way the most important is to be aware of everything and to react properly. There is no rule to get away. You must find the right steps out of a situation when you in it.

Usually the physical strain while cycling vanishes after few days on the way. Travelling by bicycle isn't a race, but rather a pleasure cruise. The affected muscles get trained quick while travelling and the perception of exertion vanishes. The emotional endurance get trained too. Bicycle travellers approach problems relaxed as the problems can't be wished away but have to get solved. Just the sweat is inevitable. You will sweat a lot in any case. If not while climbing a hill, then the sun will take it's toll.

Now and then we encounter tourists from Germany and other European countries who ask us questions full of concerns. “And how do you know all in all where to sleep tonight?” Of course we never know this in advance. In towns usually there is no problem to find some lodging. Hotels are found almost everywhere. In the wilderness we usually sleep in our tent, but sometimes it is nice to have the sky as ceiling. According to the situation of a country our tent places are more or less hidden. In some countries it is better not to be noticed by local people. In other there is no problem to sleep beside the road while being sure to have a peaceful and undisturbed night. A good idea is to ask someone where to stay for the night. In such case we put up our tent near of a house and often get an invitation to sleep in the house with the family.

Problems with food or water are rather secondary on a bicycle travel. The physical effort hardens the body against health problems. Additionally cyclist bodies have the time for a slow accommodation to the local bacteria. Therefore a bicycle traveller has less intestine troubles than normal tourists on a short visit in a country. What the local people eat the bowels of bicycle travellers will endure too. Just the drinking water should be boiled or filtered.