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Impetus In Mundum, the motto of our journey means "momentum into the world". In relation to this impetus signifies the energy activated by motion such as cycling and the strong lively feeling that it accompanies. On the other hand impetus means the impulse for changes when we give away our knowledge to create understanding and positive thinking about other people.

In this sense we want to share the experiences of our travel with the people at home. Our documentation, which we extend almost every day, should create a perception of the every day life in the countries which we have visited and intends to help get free of prejudices toward people in remote areas.

We want to share our knowledge with the people we meet on the way. We do it mostly by a simple conversation. We try to disenchant these ones who are obsessed by the idea to go to Europe and to show them alternative solutions to improve their life at home. This knowledge maybe activates their own energy and motivates them to bring changes into their personal situation.

Roland snatches any opportunity to share his IT knowledge. He is particularly interested in spreading of the ideas of Free Software and the GNU project. In most developing countries internet is used mainly by consumers which consider it's function as something mysterious reserved to large IT companies in USA. Nearly no on knows that the knowledge about the function of the internet is freely accessible and that is possible to gain a large influence on it's development without large funds. As internet relies on Free Software and GNU, awareness about them is the first step to master it.

Intended but not yet realized is the documentation of languages spoken in a relatively small area and which are endangered to die out. For this project it is necessary to stay a longer time at one place. A high density of languages is given in Cameroon therefore we we have intended recording speech data there. Maybe we will find earlier an occasion to live with a native tribe for a while and to collect informations about their manners, culture and language.


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