On the Road by Bicycle

Although technically and economically the world is a global village, it is a large area related to the distances and the speed of a bicycle. A bicycle has to be considered as a very slow vehicle under that measure.

By bicycle you don't get transferred in a tin can from one point to another like in a bus or aircraft with the only goal to arrive at a certain place. On a bicycle you are experiencing directly every single meter of the way. You are not separated by heavy leather suits and astronaut helmets from the environment you are passing trough. You are not surrounded by a wall of noise that causes the surrounding nature to become silent. The stench of exhaust gases do not obscures the scent of flowers and trees.

As a cyclist you are a part of the nature that you cross. You perceive the environment, sense the flavours of meadows, feel the wind and the rain, the heat and the frost. The impressions invade you with the exact speed your brain is able to perceive and process them. At any point of the way you aren't passing the area, but you are there, you are a part of it. Having all equipment with you you can stop and rest whenever you feel like. You do not need to reach to the booked hotel, you do not need to reach the next restaurant. You are free to change your plans any time. It is the ultimate freedom of a bicycle traveller.

As a cyclist you are usually not a visitor but guest in a country. People along the road greet you and you return the greetings. Cars and motorcycles are status symbols which many people can't afford. Motorized vehicles create by that a personal distance between the traveller and the local people. Additionally motorists are frequent, appear just for short time in a place and vanish in a cloud of noise and exhaust gases. Few are interested to deal with them more than absolutely necessary.

Cyclists are perceived very different. Nearly everywhere in the world simple people use bicycles. The barrier of wealth almost does not exist. People are curious about the cyclist coming from afar. People approach cyclists to feed their curiosity. They invite you from the road for a a drink, a meal and into their families.