A Long Journey

At the beginning we agreed on a time limit. After three years we intended to reconsider our financial means and possibilities, our targets that we aimed with the travel progress and our emotional health. The time of three years should give us enough experience to reassess our travel. We did not wanted to leave our society and close all doors behind us. At any time we wanted to keep the possibility to return to our former life if consider it as necessary or advantageous.

Meanwhile we got familiar with particularities of our travel and the related endurances. We travel slower than expected before we started. We use most of the longer breaks to actualize our internet presentation and our travel documentation. at the same time we have the opportunity to rework our experiences and to get a profound relation to the place of our stay. On our short trips such breaks haven't been necessary.

Caused by many mostly friendly encounters we did not felt lost on the way. In contrary we felt as guests and representatives of our country. We learnt that people respected and appreciate our German origin. Additionally as expected people are taking us because of our bicycles as equal and treat therefore as one of them.

Travelling became for us a not ending motion picture. Every country brings for us it's own character, sometimes dynamic like in a adventure film and sometimes full of charming like in a love story. After months we abandoned to count the time and just pedalled from one impression to another. Looking back on our past we became aware of the exceptional quality of this way to live. Our travel documentation gives people at our home and elsewhere to a look of that unusual life.

Finally the duration of our journey is a financial question. We hope that it won't be necessary to return to Germany in order to to gain some money. With our academic education we hope to find work opportunities in many places on the way.


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