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There a lot of interesting subjects to which one can take photographs on a journey. People, creatures in general, landscapes and buildings, traditions and religion. We have taken pictures from the view of a traveller. Many things which were new and surprising for us we valued by capturing it on film. The longer we were on the road the more we lost our timidity to press the releaser of the camera, even for humans.

Sometimes the camera was even the connection between the local people and us. Many of them liked to be photographed and crowded around us to see their pictures on the display. It happened from time to time that they started to pose for us.

Other times people were afraid of the camera and sometimes even ran away screaming. But after a while they came back looking at us repairing our bicycles or taking a beer. Then we used the opportunity to take pictures again. One by one people lost their timidity toward the camera and us. The curiosity helped to overcome fears. Nobody wanted to miss anything what happened around the two strangers who came on bicycles to their village.


Our 16267 pictures are classified by 277 subjects. They help to select pictures with the desired content. The subjects can be combined and restricted to one or more countries. According to personal preference the themes are alphabetically sorted or grouped by thematic categories.

Here we collected together a small choice of pictures which we consider interesting. Each of these collections contain only a part of all photographs. They are meant to give an first impression and show our personal preferences:

Children - Men - Women - Monkeys - Sunsets - Sunrises - Flowers - Insects - Roswitha - Roland - Music&Dance - Jewellery


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