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Impetus In Mundum (lat.momentum into the world) is the motto of our journey through the global village. Full of verve we like to conquer the world and put a durable accent on the global community by our projects.

By our travel documentation we intent to show the life of the people, their culture and their attitudes in the visited countries. By this we will complete other reports that concentrate on sensations, catastrophes and tourist destinations. By our work we want to contribute to a better understanding of the people of these countries.

On our travel which started on 6th of March, 2004 and will last some more years we have visited 31 countries and oceans up to now. We have documented them on our website at pictures and reports.

We update our travel documentation from abroad regularly. Nearly every day we publish a few pictures and after some days a new report. Thereby you can take part of our journey virtually from all over the world. At the moment our collection consists of 438 reports (in German) and 16267 pictures. At last we have published photographs from South Africa.

In this chapter we have outlined our journey. Here you find details of the route, maps, short notes about the countries and highlights of the journey.


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