The Concept of the Journey

After a long fulfilling life many people like to realize a dream by making a world travel together with their loved one. However, someone who undertakes a world trip in a “low budget” manner very often is taken as a down-shifter who tries to escape his duties at home and search amusement abroad. This applies in particular to bicycle travellers but not only.

In fact simply travelling becomes boring after some time. The steady consumption of informations without creation of a durable value is senseless. The desire to share the experiences with others comes automatically. That where our travel documentation came from. It requires a creative involvement with the environment we are passing trough and our everyday experiences. With our reports and pictures we give all those who can't travel a glimpse of the people's life in other cultures and societies. By this our journey becomes an enterprise with a social aim.

To make a journey around the world is not a decision taken in a single day. Like a fruit the wish must ripe over many years. With the final decision it leads to an accurate planning. In this chapter we want to give you some background insights of our travel.