About Us

Before we started our journey we lived in Cologne, the German capital of carnival. We studied at the university of Cologne languages, geography and physics. Afterwards we worked for a long time in the IT. Lastly we worked together as freelancers in a small office for internet services. Beside the work Roswitha practised Bharatanatyam and did artistic painting. Roland exercised Aikido.

Today our main interest is to learn about people's life, their cultures and attitudes in the everyday life. In our reports and pictures we try to reflect this and to catch a glimpse of their life rhythm. With our contribution we intent to reduce reservation and precariousness of people towards persons from different cultures and to increase the understanding for them. Beside the people we document the landscapes and nature that we cross. By this we hope to awake the common curiosity for foreign countries and the environment in which people live.

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